General Repairs And Handyman Services


Functional & Well-Maintained Property

At TN Property Maintenance Service, we understand that your property requires a range of talents to keep it in top shape. Our Handyman Expertise service is designed to address the multitude of smaller tasks that often accumulate over time, ensuring your property remains functional, attractive, and well-maintained.

Door and Window Repairs

Squeaky hinges, misaligned doors, and drafty windows can be bothersome. Our handymen address these issues with precision, ensuring your doors and windows function seamlessly and contribute to your property’s comfort.

Drywall Repair

From small dents to larger holes, our handymen expertly repair drywall, leaving your walls smooth and flawless. Our attention to detail ensures that repairs seamlessly blend into the existing surface.

Carpentry Solutions

Whether it’s repairing a wobbly staircase railing or building custom shelves, our handymen offer carpentry expertise to enhance your property’s structural integrity and functionality.

Furniture Assembly

Don’t let confusing instruction manuals and countless parts stress you out. Our skilled handymen expertly assemble furniture, from flat-pack pieces to intricate items, saving you time and ensuring everything fits together perfectly.

Fixture Installation

Enhance your property’s aesthetics and functionality with expert fixture installation. Whether it’s hanging curtains, installing shelves, or mounting light fixtures, our handymen ensure everything is securely and precisely placed.

Tailored Solutions

No task is too small for our handyman team. We understand that your property has unique needs, and our services are tailored to address them all. From minor repairs to intricate installations, we’re your go-to solution.

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